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Brief Introduction

Tianjin Chengke Transmission Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Chengke Transmission is a high-tech company rising from the industry of mechanical and electrical transmission equipment; we are always devoting ourselves to provide systematic solutions to traditional mechanical and electrical equipments, especially technical progress of belt conveyor industry with new technology, new material and digital method. We have provided equipments and service of belt conveyors to hundreds of users in thermal power plant, port, mining and chemical engineering, etc. In 2013,Chengke Transmission became one of the first enterprises to be listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) (Stock Code: 430257; Stock Name: CHENGKE Transmission).

Chengke Transmission has always been persistent in innovation. By now, we have obtained 81 patents in the field of mechanical and electrical transmission, including 21 invention patents, as well as 6 projects approval in the state and regional levels. Different from the traditional manufacturing and organization modes of mechanical and electrical equipment companies, we consider the users’ feeling as the starting point and project control as the core to provide precise and highly efficient service in different periods, including project launching, execution and tracking, etc.
      Chengke Transmission has always been recognized as “New and High-tech Enterprise of Tianjin”, “Little Science and Technology Giant Enterprise” and “City-level Enterprise Technology Center”; Meanwhile, we have received great support from governments of different levels in financing, land, taxation and talents introduction. In particular, we enjoy a unique advantage in financing and project execution, etc.
      Chengke Transmission has been persistent in pursuing the development concepts of “Being professional, innovative, service-oriented and compatible” to take more social responsibilities for users, society and our employees.